Filming In Greece

On Thursday 28 May 2020, the Greek digital governance ministry announced that it would be increasing a cash rebate for film productions made in Greece from 35 percent to 40 percent in efforts to enhance the country’s position as an attractive filming destination and bring in investors.

On the initiative of the National Center of Audiovisual Media and Communication (EKOME), Greece is following the example of 30 European countries, including France, the UK, Spain and Italy, offering incentives to producers and investors to film on location.

Besides the rebate increase, the bill also foresees extending funding options to additional beneficiaries and accelerating the rebate payback process, which ministry officials say will allow production films to plan accordingly knowing that they will be able to proceed quickly.


Producers are eligible to cash rebates which amount to 40% on the expenses they incur in Greece plus state aid.

However, before they can take advantage of all the privileges they have to pass a cultural test and they must spend at least €100,000 for feature films or documentaries and €60,000 for digital games. The National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication S.A. (EKOME S.A., which is a state-owned legal entity covered by private law in Greece, administers the incentive.

Furthermore a flexible floor for television series is offered, starting at €30,000 for each episode. The minimum of all expenses is €100,000 and there is no ceiling.

Natural Light

The sunshine and the mild climate guarantee long hours of shooting on a daily basis.

Furthermore, the sunlight in Greece is extremely friendly and enables the cameras to capture unbelievably beautiful shades of color.

You can rely on Greek professional cinematographers and videographers to produce real works of art.

Breathtaking Locations

You will find it hard to decide where to shoot your next masterpiece!

Greece has so many treasures from antiquity that adorn the country.

The beautiful mountains rise majestically to meet the blue sky and they look over the blue sea, studded with so many enchanting islands surrounded by golden beaches.

Versatile Architecture

Greece has a very long history going back thousands of years, so there are many different architectural styles throughout the country.

There are ancient theatres, many ancient temples, Byzantine palaces and churches, and strongholds to keep invaders at bay.

Moving ahead in time, you will see many neoclassical mansions adorning modern-day Athens.

Experienced Professionals

English-speaking Greek film professionals have the expertise and know-how to collaborate flawlessly with international productions.

From outstanding drone operators and post-production facilities equipped with high-end industry technologies to world-class services provided by established production companies, the Greek Industry Guide provides dream teams of “dedicated maniacs”.

Production Values

We know that you need the best equipment and services to help you make your work as pleasant and care-free as possible.

We will cater to all your needs providing you with laboratories for image and sound as well as trained crews to assist you throughout your stay in Greece, until your work is completed to your satisfaction.

We know you expect the best service possible in order to reach your goal. We can reassure you that you will be provided with excellent crews, production facilities with full services for image and sound, and rental services for equipment you may need.


Greece is easily accessible however you wish to come.

The road network joins Athens with every part of Europe.

Furthermore it has many airports and in case you want to come by boat there are hundreds of marinas along the coastline and all the islands.

You can therefore rest assured that you can reach any location without any difficulties.

A History In Cinema

The movie cameras have been up and running in Greece since the 1920s.

Greece is a nation with a cinematic past, present and future.

Attracting landmark international films to its unique locations since the 1960s, Greece is now investing in its film industry, producing new talent, making its presence felt at the Oscars, setting trends, and interacting with the international film scene.

An Unforgettable Stay

As might be expected of the country that invented the concept of hospitality (xenia), extending courtesy and generosity to people far from home, Greece offers sophisticated accommodation, delicious gastronomic delights and an electrifying nightlife.

All of which makes it an ideal place both for shoots of every kind and for experiencing the warm hospitality and culture of its people.

Greece Is A Safe Country

It is a well-known fact that Greece is a safe destination and a large number of tourists prefer it for their holidays.

It is also a country that welcomes people who wish to do various businesses in Greece and of course audio-visual productions is included.

Let’s not forget that the 2004 Olympic Games were hosted here with great success.

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